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Organic Seed Alliance


As a graphic designer I have the power to influence what people consume. During the pandemic, I have spent a lot of time reflecting about what I can do as a designer to help.


I was lucky enough to find an important organization, Organic Seed Alliance, which aims to advance ethical seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a changing world. They envision organic seed systems that are democratic and just, support human and environmental health, and deliver genetically diverse and regionally adapted seed to farmers everywhere.


I was able to give life to their annual fundraiser campaign, created an identifiable logo, testimonial graphics, and a t-shirt design. This ongoing campaign has raised $775 in t-shirt sales alone, selling 86/70 t-shirts as of December 15, 2020.


Campaign Logo, Digital Graphics, and T-shirt Design  for the leading organic seed institution in the US. 


Annual Appeal Logo

Digital Graphics

T-shirt Design

Grow seed for the common good. Leading education, research and advocacy to advance organic seed


Images provided by OSA


"Our letter design was beautifully branded and very appealing, communicating our work attractively and compellingly... She topped off the project with an original art design for our online t-shirt campaign. Meredith was responsive, professional, friendly and super easy to work with." 

- Cara Loriz, Executive Director at Organic Seed Alliance

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